Growing old

by Shou

Sometimes you find yourself smiling watching some darling music video or random clips which make you reminisce about things in the too-good-to-be true past.

The Les Choristes concert songs are things like that. Let me tell you.

There was a girl who was so into French culture after watching the whole concert, even to the point she self-study a little French using livemocha (though it did not last), she even wrote email to the TV station to express her feeling and humbly ask them to broadcast the show again. The Les Choristes did make a come back weeks later but what’s more heartwarming is at the end of that year (maybe two or three months after the comeback), there was a special programme to conclude which music theme is the most popular and the MCs did mention Les Choristes.

Somehow I found myself so influential at that moment LOL, somehow I like the fact that the people who run that programme were so nice, somehow I like to think that the online world was so small back then..

Maybe years later, I should write a 응답하라 2006! for me myself and I…