Why don’t people just move?

by Shou

There is a fact that the thing I rant most of the time is weather, or exactly the fucking temperature which is enough to make you feel like taking a sauna. I guess that it is also true to some citizen in the temperate regions when they complain about lack of sunlight to get tanned (yes?), or at least that is the case with people flocking to this city to enjoy their seasons in the sun. I hate this kind of sunny weather to death, but I’m not “flocking” anywhere.

The point is: why don’t I just move?

Scientifically, hahah even though what I have studied and done for a living has nothing to do with this noble stuff, I feel like I am floating in a living cell which is also floating in a hypotonic environment (vice versa it is called isotonic btw), which makes water molecules “flocking” into that living cell but I cannot float anywhere due to the  concentration difference. You know, one day I would die because of something called osmotic pressure!!!

So yeah, that is just a lame explanation I try to invent for the passivity of self but really need some stupid things like that to survive this week. Countdown!!