This time gonna be English

by Shou

So usually that when I read people blog in English, I find myself trying noting down diary in English too. It does not happen when Korean is the case.

So this week, exactly last week, was a hard one, which took its toll on me, bruise and a bunch of money. OK I’m trying not to rant so much about bad luck happening to me all the time, in April annually.

The weather is so hot in here to the extent that people who suffer from it can go crazy easily. Now is nearly half pass ten at night but one can feel like she was typing this post in the summer afternoon of the UK. I’m trying to romanticise the situation I’m in and make everything relevant to “that place”… You know, the title of this post is polysemous.

I found out that nothing is that “surprising”, like how could I survive all the negative thought arising day by day in my mind, or like how Korean drama fans tend to read too much into things hahah. Like that movie title, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb; the worry is hard to stop but the bomb is easy to love, understanding things could not get worse…

I always hope for the weather here to get better, as I always hope for the impossibility, as I could travel back to that time and stay there forever. My mood is parallel to the weather and depends too much on how it varies. If I could ever wisely choose for once in my life, you know for sure that it would be very likely that I would leave this place today, no “financial” string attached.

Am I ranting too much up to now? Here is the realm of the unreal so I think it does not hurt because of some ranting lines and some good tea at a late time like at the moment.

OK more than 300 words are too good for today. Next time there would be more, I need to enhance my writing skill for the upcoming events which I’m not yet very sure. Nite!